Role Play – Tom Scenario B

About Tom

  • Tom is a 75 year old man who has had a stroke resulting in a mild right hemiparesis
  • He is independently mobile, but his distance is limited and he has reduced foot clearance. He is cognitively intact and as no perceptual problems. He lives with his wife who is very supportive
  • Tom has been referred to the team to optimise his levels of independence at home and in the community. Tom is very motivated and articulate and seems to have a good idea about what he would like to achieve
  • Tom’s main goal is to walk his dog around his local woods
  • Jane from the community rehab team will support Tom through the G-AP process

Stage 1: Coming Up With The Goal

Tom B1 (3.48 mins)

  • What strategies did Jane use to support Tom to come up with a goal that was important to him?
  • Did Jane work in partnership with Tom to come up with the gola?
  • What went well in that conversation?
  • Was there anything that didn’t go so well?
  • Any other thoughts

Stage 2: Planning

Tom B2 (2.52 mins)

  • Did Jane support Tom to think through the planning stage: action panning , coping planning and measuring confidence?
  • Who took the lead in coming up with the plan? Was this OK?
  • What was a potential barrier to Tom completing the exercise programme?
  • Did Jane suggest a good coping plan?
  • Could anything have been done differently in this session?
  • Any other thoughts

Stage 4: Appraisal, Feedback And Decision Making Stage

Tom B3 (2.40 mins)

  • Did successfully completing the plan impact on Tom’s confidence/ mood?
  • Did Jane give Tom feedback about his performance?
  • Who came up with the next action plan?
  • Was the plan agreed by both Tom and Jane?
  • Any other thoughts….