Deciding What To Do Next


There are different decision making options depending on the outcome of the action plan and progress made:

If progress is being made, consider the following options …

  • Option 1: Support the person to continue goal pursuit by agreeing the next action plan (or step)
  • Option 2: Set another goal
  • Option 3: If all goals have been achieved, consider if the G-AP process is complete at this point

If progress is not being made, consider the following options …

  • Option 1: Consider a new or revised action plan and/ or coping plan
  • Option 2: Discuss whether the goal should be adjusted to make it achievable
  • Option 3: Discuss whether disengaging or ‘letting go’ of the goal and thinking about suitable alternative is a better option


Following appraisal and feedback, the staff member and person should consider and discuss available decision making options and agree on a decision that will support ongoing progress.


It is in this stage that people can be supported to decide, on the basis of experience, whether they think their goal is achievable or not.

If it is, then they can continue pursuit of their goal. If not, then adjustments to goal can be made and /or alternative goals considered.

Remember, before adjusting or letting go of goals, people need to have some level of understanding and acceptance of their limitations.  This can take time and people may need additional emotional support during this process.

Outcome of this stage

The staff member and person will discuss and agree on what should happen next to optimise the chances of goal achievement and ongoing progress.

Documentation in G-AP record

In this example, the person decided to adjust her goal. Although she had made progress working on her communication, she felt talking to friends on her mobile phone was too challenging and that face to face conversations would be easier because she could better control the rate of the conversation. Although she was a bit disappointed that chatting on the mobile wasn’t achievable just now, she felt OK about it as she thought she might try again further down the line.


Adjusted Goal

Her adjusted goal was “I will be confident talking to my friends face to face; I’ll use my mobile for short messages.