Welcome to the G-AP Training Resource.

The Goal setting and Action Planning (G-AP) Framework has been developed to support person centred goal setting practice.

By optimising goal setting practice, you can support people to set, work towards, attain and (if necessary) adjust their personal goals.

This training resource is designed to prepare you and your team (referred to in the training as staff/ staff member) to use G-AP in practice. It includes an outline of G-AP and its key stages, supporting training videos, case study material and downloadable G-AP resources.

We recommend you complete each of the G-AP training sections to set yourself up for using G-AP in practice:

  • About G-AP
  • G-AP training (including training videos)
  • Rights, Barriers and Ramps (Supporting people with communication and cognitive difficulties)
  • G-AP Implementation
  • G-AP resources

Each section contains links to additional information and resources. Use this additional material in a way that suits you. Because the training is available online, you can refer back to it anytime. Share it with students and new members of staff in your team.

Objectives of Training

Understand what G-AP is, why it is important and how to implement it in day to day practice

Understand the theory and evidence underpinning G-AP

Understand the importance of working in partnership with people when using G-AP

Be familiar with G-AP resources including the G-AP record and Access G-AP

Feel more confident supporting people with cognitive and communication difficulties

Feel ready to work with your colleagues to implement G-AP in your setting