About G-AP

In this section, we will present background information relevant to the G-AP framework.

We start but summarising the evidence based reasons to support use of G-AP in practice. Informed by our advisory group, we then highlight the importance of maintaining a positive approach and using supportive language.

Why Use G-AP

Postivity & Hope

We then summarise the research evidence underpinning the G-AP framework and introduce its theoretical underpinning. We know theory can seem a bit ‘dry’ but this is a really practical approach to theory that we think you will find useful.

G-AP Development & Evidence

G-AP Theory

We conclude this section by highlighting the confidence boosting techniques, many of which you will recognise when you read through them. On completion of this section, you will have all the back ground information you need and will be ready to go on and complete the G-AP training section.

Building Confidence