G-AP Training

The G-AP (goal setting and action planning) framework has been developed to guide staff and the people they work with through a collaborative goal setting process. The G-AP framework aims to optimise a staff member’s goal setting practice and people’s attainment of their personal goals. G-AP has been developed for use in community based stroke rehabilitation; however, the principals are transferable into other rehabilitation settings.

This website provides a multi-disciplinary training resource, focusing on what the G-AP framework is and how it can be used in clinical practice.

Objectives of Training

By the end of this training you should:

  1. Understand each stage of the G-AP framework, why it is important and how to implement it in clinical practice
  2. Understand the theoretical underpinning of the G-AP framework
  3. Be aware of the importance of working in partnership with people when using G-AP
  4. Know how to document the G-AP process with individuals

Training Sections

Role Play Videos

Role Play – Alice Scenario A


Role Play – Alice Scenario B


Role Play – Tom Scenario A


Role Play – Tom Scenario B