Why Use G-AP?

Staff members and people receiving rehabilitation have told us that they think using G-AP is a good idea. Here are the top 5 reasons why …

1. To support people to attain their personal goals

  • G-AP helps people attain their personal goals by breaking them down into manageable action plans (or steps)
  • Successful action plan completion helps people to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to meet their personal goals

2. To support goal adjustment, disengagement and reengagement with alternatives if needed

  • We know that people often experience goal related setbacks or failure.
  • Supporting people to adjust or disengage from unattainable goals supports their emotional wellbeing and recovery.
  • By helping people to appraise (i) how they got on with each action plan and (ii) how that is helping (or hindering) progress towards their goals, we can give them feedback and support them to make informed decisions about what to do next.
  • Helpful questions might be – “How did things go with that plan?” “Are we making progress towards the goal?” “What do you think we should do next?” “What are the options?”

3. To make sure goals are person centred

  • The rehabilitation goals we set do not always reflect people’s priorities and preferences
  • Using G-AP, people have told us that staff listened to what was important to them and supported them to set goals that were personal and important to them

4. To support the person (and their carer) to be involved and in control

  • Most of the time, we don’t give people (i) information about the goal setting process or how they can get involved in it or (ii) an accessible (or understandable) copy of their personal goals
  • As well as providing an accessible copy of their goals, the person held G-AP record and Access G-AP  supports people to understand and get involved in the goal setting process in a way that suits them
  • They can share this information with family and friends if they want to

5. To support a consistent approach to goal setting practice

  • We know that staff approach goal setting in many different ways
  • Using G-AP, staff have a shared understanding of what to do, how to go about doing it and justify why they are doing it in a particular way
  • Staff told us that G-AP helps them to be consistent in their approach to goal setting practice to avoid missing any of the key stages out