Role Play – Alice Scenario B

About Alice

  • Alice is a business woman who lives with her husband and 2 teenage sons.
  • Alice had a brain injury following a road traffic accident that resulted in a moderate right sided weakness. She seems to lack insight at times and be unrealistic; but she is very driven and has always pushed herself.
  • Alice spent 3 months in the hospital and can now walk short distances with a stick (about 10m) and is independent with basic self-care. She can perform gross motor tasks with her right arm (e.g. putting her jacket on) but is unable to use it for activities requiring more complex motor control (e.g. writing). Alice had problems with concentration and memory.
  • Alice wants to get back to work; she wants to take the train as usual and is not interested in thinking about other options e.g. taxis. Alice’s husband feels overwhelmed and is at a loss about how to best help his wife.
  • Alice has been referred to the community rehabilitation team to focus on maximizing independence and to consider return to work. Pam from the community rehabilitation team is working through the G-AP process with her.

Stages 1 and 2: Coming Up With The Goal & Planning The First Step

Alice 1&2B (6.20 mins)

  • Did Pam listen to what Alice had to say?
  • Did Pam understand Alice’s perspective of where she was at/ where she wanted to get to?
  • Did Pam and Alice agree a goal to work towards?
  • Was Alice motivated to pursue her goal?
  • What went well in this session/ could have been done differently?
  • Any other thoughts

Stage 4: Appraisal, Feedback And Decision Making

Alice 3B (9.56 mins)

  • Did Pam work in partnership with Alice during this conversion?
  • Was this an easy conversation for Pam?
  • Was Alice involved in deciding what the next step would be?
  • Were the strategies that Pam was using helpful (Diagram/ key words etc.)
  • Is Alice committed / motivated to achieve the goal of walking to the station?
  • What went well in this session?
  • Was there anything that didn’t go so well/ could have been done differently?
  • Any other thoughts