The health professional gives the person feedback on their action plan performance and goal progress.


The staff member will take time to give the person feedback which will be carefully tailored according to how the patient got on completing the action plan.

If the action plan has been successfully completed and progress towards their goal is being made, the feedback can focus on praising success, highlighting progress and boosting confidence.

If the action plan has not been successfully completed and progress towards the goal is lacking, the feedback can focus on providing support, encouragement, and re-framing lack of success (or even failure) as an important opportunity to better understand limitations and making informed decisions about how to move forward.


Positive feedback and encouragement will act to enhance the person’s confidence and motivation.

Providing support and encouragement will support the person’s emotional wellbeing and help them to understand their limitations.


The staff member will have provided helpful feedback; the person will be clearer about what is going well and (possibly) not so well, whilst feeling supported and encouraged.

If the person is not engaging with the process, this can be highlighted and discussed in a timely way.

Documentation in G-AP record

In this example, the person successfully completed the plan and phoned the GP surgery to order her repeat prescription. The staff member praises success, highlighting the improvement made and so building confidence and motivation for moving forward.